“whats that coming over the hill…… is it a monster?”

Searing heat sits like a blistering clear fog on the sand. Arid dusty roads reach forward to a shimmering mirage of ancient Ninevah. Roaring like thunder towards the ancient Mashki gate is a line of bulldozers and wrecking balls. Ancient stories of apocalypse, start here.

Ninevah was  one of the most ancient cities in the world. Placed at the cradle of civilisation it was there before the Pyramids, there before Thebes and it was there before Babylon. It was counted as old in the old testament. A section of the Christian bible not disputed by Islam as much of those scriptures have a shared heritage in Abraham. It was mentioned in the first ever recognised work of fiction “ The epic of Gilgamesh”. It was a place respected the world over for being fundamentally important in developing society and now, people who purport to be of Islam have smashed it up and levelled it to the ground. The city had stood there for 5000 years.

I Know history is full of the destruction of cities, in the ancient world and modern, the sacking of Rome, Nineveh was over-run 3 or4 times at least, that we know about, Babylon was conquered, Jericho, all were raised to the ground. But these events were based around obtaining that city for conquering or defeating a defending enemy. Nineveh was bulldozed because for ideological reasons and because it represented a history that its destructors didn’t want to acknowledge. It was attacked so we would forget our past.

How did this come to pass? Things upset and offend me, that’s why I write this blog. Their actions have offended me and most people, respectful of the right to life and world heritage. Things annoy me every day, I consider myself quite an angry person, because, the world by enlarge,is a bit of a shit place and that upsets me.

For example, I was so angry this morning that I nearly choked on my wholewheat cereal. What I didn’t do was smash up the kitchen and the town while I was at it, because it was own brand and not another well-known one. We all know there is only one way to make that sort of cereal and you must have three of them piled up and have the milk poured over at the right temperature. But if people don’t do it that way, do I have the right to chop their head off if I declare it offensive and an affront to all I believe? Is this because I know it is futile and it won’t change anything? Am I already defeated by western society, tamed and controlled by consumerism?

I’m not being flippant. Choosing one way life from another is seen as a fundamental choice we are raised to believe in within the UK, Its therefore incomprehensible to the majority of the western world, that anybody would think differently. I watch commercials all the time with millions of pounds spent on them in an attempt to brainwash me into selecting one particular product over another, one way of life over another. I like to think it doesn’t work, that I am savvy to the tricks, but I cant quite put my finger on, why I like one particular type of cola over the other when in reality they mostly taste the same.  Is it choice or direction? I’m not sure.  Would I elect to join a posse of “Brighteye Cola” loving people hell bent on subjugating and destroying the “ Blueye Cola” people because I was told on telly and social media that they were evil? Well I suppose that all depends on what I was told, how I was told and when I was told it.

If I came home from School spotty and insecure- desperate to fit in  and find my own way in life would I be pulled into a barbaric , backward looking , murderous, oppressive dogma as the right way to live my life? I’m not sure I would, the Child catcher scared me shitless and I was NOT going to take candy from a spidery stranger. I think though, things have moved on a bit.

There is a lot of talk about the “glossy” campaign ads on Streaming sites and active grooming of “brides” on the internet, there was even talk of MI5 creating its own Frankenstein’s monster. This is all based around the idea that we don’t have freedom to make our own choices when we do. What are the major malfunctions happening in some young people that turns them away from freedom to believe and onto hatred for those who disagree. Away from being embedded within a relatively comfortable way of life, your family and a good education? What is the dissatisfaction that sends people to a hot desert land in search of blood? We’ve all seen the movies that espouse a more romantic way of life, “Indiana Jones”, “Little House on the Prairie”.  We have all cheered on the allies in “kelly’s Heroes” and the “dirty Dozen”, but we know there was only a sprinkle of fact, mainly to do with its war time settings, we knew they were propaganda tinged fiction.

My answer ……. teach as a priority, that to understand our future, we have to look at the past and to accept that most of this things in the past were wrong and that is why ideas develop. Even in religion, that doesn’t give us the right to destroy. Ultimately IS will Stagnate, it cannot develop , grow and adapt to the modern world. What we have to ask is can we contain it? Can stunt the insidious spread of Evil effecting our disaffected youth who are innocently in search of certainty, simplicity and glory?

We need to make media studies compulsory at school, give people the skills and inclination to look behind the curtain and savvy to propaganda, advertising in all forms and to question EVERYTHING that is presented to them and to never , ever trust a stranger. Teach them that the answer lies within, in culture , History, Science  and in their own families. They walk not into Arabian nights. They walk into Evil.


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